Monday, November 29, 2004

Zawahiri Tirade

Al Qaeda's Zawahri Says Will Keep Fighting U.S.. (Via LGF)

"We are a nation of patience and we will continue fighting you (United States) until the last hour," Zawahri said in the excerpts of the tape aired on Arab television Al Jazeera.

"Our final advice to America, although I know they will not heed it: You must choose between two methods in dealing with Muslims. Cooperate with them with respect and based on mutual interests or deal with them as free loot, robbed land and violated sanctity," he said. ...

The latest video, in which Zawahri was wearing a white turban and sitting with an automatic rifle next to him, appeared to have been taped before the U.S. presidential polls because he said it did not matter to al Qaeda whether Americans chose President Bush or Democratic challenger John Kerry. ...

"As for the American elections, the two candidates are competing for Israel's favor -- that is, competing for the crime against the Muslim nation in Palestine which has lasted for 87 years to continue."

"This proves that there is no solution with America except to force it to submit to what is right through force," he said. ...

Zawahri said Arab and Muslim states would share Baghdad's fate if they gave up jihad (holy war) and reiterated al Qaeda's aim to "purify our countries from aggressors and stand up to whoever attacks us, violates our sanctities or robs our riches."

"Those lands that are not occupied by crusader forces today will be their targets tomorrow," he said.


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