Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The 1960s And America's Moral Decline

Chaim Ben Pesach: The 1960s And America's Moral Decline.

Although America was in a moral decline long before the 1960s, that turbulent decade greatly accelerated the process and forever changed the face of America for the worse.

Television played a major role in the destruction of traditional American moral values. Acting in tandem with radio stations, the entertainment industry and Hollywood, television programs deliberately promoted the most evil, degenerate and decadent music.

The Ed Sullivan Show was especially guilty. In 1964, in one of the most widely viewed broadcasts in television history, Ed Sullivan first introduced the Beatles to the American people.

The frenzy of "Beatlemania" that followed that appearance would have devastating consequences for American culture.

Whipped up by radio disc jockeys and the Bolshevik news media, young Americans were encouraged to literally worship the Beatles for the remainder of the decade.

The themes of Beatles music were consistently evil: denying the existence of G-d and supporting the Marxist vision of one world (Imagine); glorifying the use of narcotics (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, With a Little Help from My Friends, etc.); and of course, complete sexual immorality that coursed through dozens of songs.

Following the Beatles, Ed Sullivan introduced other degenerate groups from England to the American public in what became known as the "British invasion."

One of the most notorious British groups was the Rolling Stones. Like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones glorified drug use and sexual immorality in their lyrics. The Rolling Stones also wrote music praising Satan.

These groups not only sang degenerate music, they lived degenerate lives. Since they were literally worshipped as role models by tens of millions of young American fans, the effect of their evil conduct was overwhelming.

The Beatles were all drug users and adulterers.

John Lennon not only committed adultery against his first wife Cynthia when he engaged in an almost public affair with Yoko Ono (who became his second wife), he also had numerous homosexual relationships. Lennon was a longtime drug addict who became addicted to heroin (which he wrote about in his song Cold Turkey).

Ringo Starr is both a drug addict and an alcoholic. As for the other two Beatles, the late George Harrison was a lifelong narcotics user, as is Paul McCartney.

The Rolling Stones are all infamous heroin addicts. Their lives have been described by ex-girlfriends and ex-wives as a continuous nightmare of hallucinations, vomiting, pain and sleeping 16 to 20 hours a day.

These were the "role models" of the 1960s.

To be a "rock star" was a fantasy of many young Americans. So it is not surprising that today there are an estimated 40 million drug addicts and alcoholics in America (including the large numbers of Americans addicted to prescription drugs).

If we add compulsive gamblers and sex addicts to these groups, we find that roughly one-third of American adults are addicted to some form of self-destructive behavior that makes their lives miserable, makes it difficult for them to function on a day-to-day basis, and worst of all, constitutes sinful conduct that separates them from G-d.

Again, all of these tragic situations existed prior to the 1960s, but certainly not anywhere near the levels that we are witnessing today.

Another factor in the downfall of American morality that started in the 1960s was the American educational system.

On the nation's college and university campuses, American students were taught in the 1960s to hate their country, to hate religion and moral values, and to feel guilty about slavery and racial segregation.

For the first time in U.S. history, students on college and even high school campuses started burning American flags and waving the flags of America's Communist enemies during the mass protests against the Vietnam War in the late sixties and early seventies.

Many Americans who were teenagers or young adults in the sixties became fervent haters of the United States and everything it represents.

These young Americans of the 1960s are today's middle-aged baby boomers and yuppies. These America-haters control the Democrat Party. They number in the tens of millions.

Aside from many blacks, Hispanics and other minorities who detest America for racial reasons, there are many millions of self-hating whites who absolutely loathe this country. This coalition of resentful "minorities" and self-hating whites have complete power over the Democrat Party on both the national and local levels.

Since today's "journalists" in the Bolshevik news media are products of the anti-American education system that flourished in the sixties, the U.S. media is instinctively anti-American.

The same is true for corporate America. Most of the corporate officers from the industry titans all the way down to middle management were educated in anti-American colleges and universities. Therefore, there is no loyalty to the United States or to traditional moral values in corporate America. Almost all corporations have no hesitation in helping America's mortal enemies - such as the Muslim world and Communist China - if it will lead to greater corporate profits.

In the 1960s, American youth were taught that there is no objective truth, that there are no moral absolutes, that there is no right and wrong.

What a terrible price America is paying - and will yet pay - as a result of the warped philosophy that was taught to young Americans since the 1960s.

The true lesson of the sixties is that when evil forces set out to twist and corrupt the thinking of a whole generation of Americans, there was no comparable righteous force to confront this dangerous challenge.

We must build a righteous, moral, G-d-fearing right-wing movement that will save America from the vicious fifth columnist traitors who have decimated this nation's once great moral foundation.


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