Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dreaming Islam Is A Religion Of Peace


“Now that three years and three months have passed since nearly 3,000 died on a day that will live in infamy, the hills are alive with the sound of positive musings about Islam,” writes Marvin Olasky.

He backs the claim by citing Publisher's Weekly report that many new books are hitting the stores, assuring us that Islam is a religion of peace.

“Reality” made be a popular code word for TV successes, but it is a word the public runs from when it comes to religion.

Reality is Muslims from foreign countries are pouring into Iraq from other countries to join in the daily attacks on Americans calling themselves “martys” for their faith.

Reality is filmmaker Theo van Gogh was just murdered for saying critical things about Islam.

Reality is 26 Islamic scholars in Saudi Arabia, Islam's birth place, declared killing Americans is "legitimate."

Reality is Christianity grew by the blood of its martyrs, while Islam grew by slaughtering people from India to Spain.

Reality is, as Olasky points out, “When Ottoman caliphs finally took over Constantinople in 1453, the embalmed head of Emperor Constantine XI became part of a traveling exhibit.”

Above all else, reality is the Koran orders Muslims to fight and kill until all other religions are removed from the face of the earth: “Fight therefore against them until . . . the only worship be that of God (Allah)” (Koran 2:193).


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