Monday, December 13, 2004

Historical Facts Deemed Racist

Carl’s Junior Class Action - Submit your complaint.. (Via LGF)

As a result of a recent series of racist television commercials by Carl’s Junior, the French/American community, with the support of the French Consulate, is in the process of organizing a class action lawsuit.

The French/American community is deeply saddened and dismayed by the fact that a United States corporation has chosen to denigrate, humiliate, insult and injure the reputation of French/Americans in order to sell it’s product, which is essentially, a sandwich.

The French “bashing” (in the commercials, a voiceover refers to the French as chickens and cowards) is based on historical events and unfairly depicts people of French origin in a truly unsavory manner. The actions of Carl’s Junior in these commercials are blatantly racist and a violation of the intent of the United States Constitution’s First Amendment regarding the use of Free Speech.
Here's the ad:

* At the Waterloo, the French surrendered.
* In the Franco-Prussian War, the French surrendered.
* In World War 2, well, the French surrendered.
* Don’t be a big chicken. Eat one.


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