Saturday, December 11, 2004

Imams More Evil Than Shaheeds

Moody Adams: Men More Evil Than Suicide Bombers.

The “most evil terrorists are not the ones who actually strap bombs to their bodies, but the clerics who sanctify and encourage such actions,” Sheik Muhammad Kabbani told Fox News‘ Davic Asman.

A suicide bomber may kill a dozen or a hundred, but a cleric teaching suicide killings are the way to heaven can send out a hundred bombers to kill thousands of innocent people.

Kabbani, a Muslim clergyman who condemns terrorism, said his fellow clergymen deserve the lowest pit of hell.

He cites the Saudi Arabian preacher named Salman al-Awdah, who signed a declaration making it an obligation for Muslims to join terror squads in Iraq.

The Wall Street Journal reported that when his own son answered the call and wrote a letter saying, “God permitting, we have an appointment with Paradise,” he locked the boy up in his house to keep him from bombing his way ‘to paradise.’

Let's put the blame for terrorism where it belongs; on the hypocritical men who preach the Koran’s lies who deserve the lowest place in hell and they will get it. In the meanwhile they send out other people’s children to kill.


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