Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Islamic Invasion Of Michigan

Chaim Ben Pesach: The Islamic Invasion Of Michigan.

Our leaders in America and Israel constantly tell us that if only Arab Muslims are exposed to free societies, they will abandon their hateful Islamic beliefs.

Since there are communities in Michigan with large Arab Muslim populations, we will examine this premise by seeing how Arab Muslims acclimate to American society.

But first it must be noted that Arab Muslims in Israel have been exposed to free elections for decades. Despite being granted the right to vote, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and every other imaginable freedom, the Arabs in Israel absolutely detest the Jews with a hatred even greater than the hatred that the German Nazis felt toward the Jews in the Holocaust. For while the German Nazis murdered 6 million Jews, no German parents sent their own children to blow themselves up just to slaughter Jews. But Arab parents joyfully send their own children on suicide bombings to butcher as many Jews as possible.

All Arab members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) are enthusiastic cheerleaders for Muslim Nazi terrorist genocide.

Israeli Arabs often give 99% of their vote - no exaggeration, literally 99% - to Arab parties that call for the destruction of Israel.

Earlier this year, there were free elections in Muslim Afghanistan. The Afghans voted overwhelmingly for Islamic parties that want Afghanistan to adopt an Iranian-style regime. The Afghans want the same type of murderous Muslim Nazi terrorist dictatorship that rules over Iran.

An Arab Muslim boy in Israel celebrates the Islamic terrorist butchery of September 11th - His crude chalk drawing depicted the Twin Towers under attack and its helpless victims leaping to their deaths

Afghans have also shown what happens when Muslims are exposed to the principles of free trade and a free market. Since the American "liberation" of Afghanistan, poppy seed production has more than doubled. Afghanistan is now the main source of heroin and opium for Europe and the United States.

But no group of Muslims has been more exposed to American society than those who actually live in the United States.

In Dearborn, Michigan, for example, the population is now one-third Arab Muslim.

Ali Khan of the American Muslim Council, a front group for Islamic terrorism, denied that the Muslim terrorist atrocities of September 11th were perpetrated by his fellow Muslims - "I can't believe it," Khan said in February 2002. "Muslims are too peaceful."

Scott Hanley lived in Dearborn for many years. He remembers when it was a pleasant blue collar suburban community in the 1950s. Well-kept homes, manicured lawns, clean streets, pleasant stores, good schools and family-oriented churches made the town enough of a model suburb to convince the Ford Motor Company to donate 196 acres to build the University of Michigan-Dearborn, which opened in 1959.

"People were happy in Dearborn. Neighbors all knew each other and went to parties together, went out to eat together, went bowling, and watched their kids play Little League baseball. There was almost no crime, people went to church, people were polite, and everybody loved the United States of America," Hanley explains.

But Dearborn has since changed drastically.

"I was there last week. I have a small business and so I deal with business owners in Dearborn and other towns in the area. One Egyptian store owner told me that the Bible was written by Satan, and that I had better become a Muslim if I do not want to be cursed by Allah. I told him that I don't discuss religion and politics while doing business. He said he was warning me to become a Muslim for my own good," Hanley said.

Hanley's partner in business, Oscar Field, went to a local store owned by Lebanese who call themselves Christians.

"Their kid is in high school. He said he wants to become a police officer because most of America is going to be destroyed, and police officers and soldiers of Arab and Muslim descent will be placed in charge of what's left. I asked him where he got such a crazy idea. ‘It's not crazy!' his twin brother shouted at me," Field recalls.

Last year, Field made a business delivery and met a Moroccan Muslim truck driver while waiting in a store.

"Look at how the Jews are getting killed in Palestine," the Moroccan told Field. "Nobody can beat the Muslims. The Muslims are the bravest soldiers. You should learn from what is happening to the Jews."

"Oh, yeah?" Field responded. "How come the Jews beat you in every war. Israel is a little country and they beat you every time."

The Moroccan called Field "stupid" and the two men nearly came to blows. Field's partner Hanley and another man separated the two.

A woman named Peggy - she would only give her first name - lives in Dearborn and knows Hanley and Field from their business dealings.

Last spring, Peggy left the supermarket and headed toward her car when she was knocked to the ground and beaten by two Muslim women who accused her of getting in front of them on the checkout line.

Peggy went to the police to file a complaint. She was told that if it was her word against theirs, the police could do nothing.

Peggy's son, who is 14 years old, has been beaten and taunted repeatedly by Arab boys in school. Her son fights back, but the Arab boys gang up on him, calling him a "Christian faggot."

As more Arabs and Muslims move into Dearborn, more American Christians move out. The same thing is happening in other Michigan towns.

America already has 7 million Muslims and the number is growing rapidly due to Muslim immigration and the high Muslim birthrate.

Muslims are also becoming a domestic political force.

In order to get Muslim votes, Muslim organizations and leaders advise American politicians to adopt the following agenda:

* No more U.S. war against Islamic terrorism;

* No more "racial profiling" - checking of suspicious Muslims - at airports and other public locations;

* No more crackdowns on Muslim "charities" that fund Islamic terrorism;

* Massive U.S. pressure on tiny Israel to commit national suicide;

* Opening up America's borders to tens of millions of Muslim immigrants;

* More U.S. foreign aid for Muslim countries;

* No U.S. effort to achieve energy independence.

Because Muslims viewed John Kerry as more supportive of their anti-American demands than George Bush, Kerry won 93% of the Muslim vote in the 2004 Presidential election.

When Muslims are exposed to freedom, democracy, open elections and human rights, do they abandon their evil Islamic beliefs?

Yes, according to Bush, Kerry, Ariel Sharon, the news media, Hollywood, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Fox and everyone else in the establishment.

George Bush touted "democracy" in Iraq to a crowd of Dearborn Muslims, who shortly afterward expressed their "gratitude" to him by voting in overwhelming numbers for his opponent Hanoi John Kerry

Only JTF and its allies dare to say that the facts prove that Muslims exposed to freedom nothing only do not change their evil beliefs, they actually exploit the freedom they are given to more effectively continue their Nazi jihad to destroy America, Israel and the West.

In your heart, you know we're right. And in your guts, you know they're nuts.


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