Friday, December 03, 2004

Muslims Sue To Block Free Speech And Art

Charles Johnson writes, "Having failed to intimidate Ayaan Hirsi Ali by murdering the director of her film Submission, Dutch Muslims are now using the legal system to try to prevent her from criticizing Islam: Muslims seek to block sequel to Dutch film.

Attorney Robert Moszkowicz said in a statement his clients filed a suit "against Hirsi Ali in response to her plans to make a second film, called Submission 2.

"The suit will also seek to prevent Hirsi Ali from making unnecessarily hurtful or offensive remarks, or blasphemous statements, against Islam," it said. It accused Hirsi Ali of labeling Islam dangerous "without differentiating Islam from radical Islam."

The killing of Van Gogh, known for his provocative columns and movies, triggered debate about the limits of free speech in the liberal Netherlands. Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner even called for the revival of a 1930s law condemning blasphemy and hurtful language.

Hirsi Ali, 35, was born in Somalia but fled an arranged marriage and sought asylum in the Netherlands in 1992.

The November 22 issue of Newsweek, which contained images from Submission, was banned in Pakistan because it was deemed offensive to Islam.


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