Thursday, December 16, 2004

Pimping For The U.N.


New Yorkers have — rightly — resented this role for years. Back when he was mayor, Ed Koch argued (hyperbolically, perhaps, but more or less correctly) that the U.N. got the better end of the deal — indeed, its very credibility — by being in New York.

Koch called the organization a "cesspool" and argued that if it left the city, it would never be heard from again.

Hmm. Now there's an idea . . .

Local resentment has only grown in light of the U.N.'s recent hostility toward America and Israel, its role in the $21 billion Oil-for-Food scam — and even the way it treats its own employees.

Not to mention its ongoing delinquency in paying its traffic tickets and the failure of its members to obey local laws.

No wonder local officials have been suggesting that it take its business elsewhere; Mozambique, as one suggested, would be fine by us.

New Yorkers have every right to object to any plan to make life better for this consortium of thugs and thieves.


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