Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Who Will Control The Anti-Sharon Resistance?

Chaim Ben Pesach: Who Will Control The Anti-Sharon Resistance? The Yesha Council Vs. The Hilltop Youth.

The Yesha Council (Moetzet Yesha) is the Establishment organization that receives money from the Israeli Government to pay for the basic needs (education, housing, infrastructure and security) of the 250,000 Jewish pioneers who live in Yesha (Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District).

Because it is funded by Israel's Bolshevik Government, the Yesha Council never wants to oppose the Government, even if Government actions and decisions endanger the survival of the State of Israel.

Yet many Jews in Yesha believe - incorrectly - that the Yesha Council represents them and will fight for their best interests.

Thus, when Bolshevik Israeli dictator Ariel Sharon announced his treasonous plan to surrender the entire Gaza District and northern Samaria to the Arab Muslim Nazis in order to create an independent PLO terrorist state in the heartland of Biblical Israel, most Yesha Jews turned to the Yesha Council to lead the campaign against Sharon's evil proposal.

Every action which the Yesha Council sponsored to protest Sharon's suicidal plan has been a dismal failure.

The Yesha Council has spent many millions of dollars promoting nonsensical mass demonstrations such as the "Human Chain" in which 200,000 Jews joined hands in a chain that stretched from the Gaza District to Jerusalem to show that the entire Land of Israel must remain as one unbroken chain.

The "Human Chain" accomplished nothing. People forgot about it the next day. In fact, the self-hating Bolshevik Israeli news media praised the "Human Chain" as a constructive and positive way of protesting. In other words, the Judenrat media was pleased to see Yesha Jews wasting such huge sums of money and time on such ineffective actions that will never stop Sharon's surrender plans.

The Yesha Council then sponsored simultaneous demonstrations in 100 different Israeli cities and towns. This was an even bigger flop. Far fewer people than expected showed up at the demonstrations, and the Stalinist Israeli media gloated that this supposedly proves that the Yesha Jews do not have much popular support among average Israelis.

Next, the Yesha Council brought busloads of thousands of Yesha children to the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) to protest on the day when the Knesset voted on Sharon's evil plan to forcibly expel 8,000 Jewish pioneers from their G-d-given homes in the Gaza District and northern Samaria. The Yesha Council-sponsored mass demonstration had no effect whatsoever: the Knesset passed Sharon's traitorous program, and not a single Knesset member changed his vote in response to the very expensive and very ineffective Yesha Council protest.

The most glaring example of the harm that has been done to the cause of saving Yesha can be found in the mass advertising campaign sponsored by the Yesha Council. The Yesha Council spent an enormous amount of money using the ridiculous advertising slogan: "We have love and it will win." The desire to show average Israelis how "nice" Yesha Jews are, and how much "love" they have, is the root of the problem. The Yesha Council is obsessed with winning acceptance from self-hating Jews in Tel Aviv and Haifa. These evil, self-hating, assimilated Jews will never support Yesha because Yesha represents authentic Torah Judaism - and self-hating Jews detest Torah Judaism.

If anything, by constantly showing how much "love" they have, how "nice" they are, and how they will obey orders to remove their fellow Jews, the Yesha Council projects an image of weakness that makes Yesha Jews easy prey for expulsion from their land.

Unfortunately, the Jews of Gush Katif in the Gaza District have followed the advice of the Yesha Council and have also projected an image of utter weakness.

Baruch HaShem (thank G-d) that JTF's allies in Israel - the Hilltop Youth, the Chayil (Valor) Party and right-wing Jewish dissidents Noam Federman and Baruch Marzel - are finally convincing Yesha Jews to change tactics. While the Yesha Council is hopelessly obsessed with pleasing the Israeli Government, the Bolshevik news media and the Israeli public, the Hilltop Youth are only interested in stopping Sharon's monstrous retreat and do not worry about offending self-hating Jews.

The Hilltop Youth has organized demonstrations against the appeasing Yesha Council, and has urged Yesha Jews to forcefully and physically resist Sharon's expulsion plan. If tens of thousands of Jews physically resist Sharon's evil program with their bodies, it will be difficult to carry out the retreat.

Thanks to the educational campaign of JTF's allies in Israel, most Yesha Jews are now convinced that massive civil disobedience must take place in which tens of thousands of Jews physically block with their bodies the Israeli soldiers and police who will attempt to expel the valiant Jewish pioneering families of the Gaza District and northern Samaria.

Due to tremendous pressure from average Yesha Jews who now want massive civil disobedience, the Yesha Council finally announced last week that they will physically resist the Sharon expulsion. The Yesha Council also stated that they are prepared to go to prison as part of their protest campaign, and will urge large numbers of right-wing Jews to do likewise.

The reason the appeasing Yesha Council suddenly adopted this new position is obvious - the Yesha Council was about to lose all of their remaining support from Yesha Jews who were fed up with the Council's cowardly tactics.

Without support from Yesha Jews, the Yesha Council becomes irrelevant. Therefore, the Yesha Council has now decided to join the growing bandwagon of those Jews who favor massive civil disobedience - a bandwagon created by JTF's allies in Israel.

Only one day after the Yesha Council announced that they would support massive civil disobedience, they already started to backpedal to again show how "moderate" and "reasonable" and "nice" they are. The Yesha Council issued a new statement in which they clarified that they are opposed to "violence"; opposed to soldiers and police refusing to obey immoral and anti-Jewish orders; and opposed to wearing an orange Star of David to compare Sharon's expulsion plan with what happened to Jews in the Holocaust.

Let us examine these three issues where the hopelessly wimpy Yesha Council felt a need to express opposition:


Thousands of young Jews who have resisted attempts by the Israeli army to destroy "illegal" Hilltop Youth communities have often used more than passive resistance. In the last two years, Sharon has repeatedly ordered the Israeli army to destroy Hilltop Youth communities in Judea and Samaria. When soldiers have arrived at the Hilltop Youth outposts, they have been greeted by thousands of Jewish youth who in many cases punched and kicked and fought with the soldiers while being forcibly expelled. Dozens of soldiers and protesters have been injured during the expulsions. In addition, Jewish youth have frequently damaged army vehicles and equipment.

As a result, Sharon and the Israeli army have in effect abandoned the attempt to remove Hilltop Youth communities for now, because doing so involves so much manpower and is so physically difficult.

The Hilltop Youth intend to use the same tactics of vigorous physical resistance - including punching, kicking and fighting with soldiers, and damaging army vehicles - during the attempt to expel the Jews from the Gaza District and northern Samaria.

It is this highly effective tactic which the Yesha Council opposes. If the Yesha Council is too cowardly to engage in this tactic themselves, the least they could do is keep their mouths shut while the brave Hilltop Youth do the "dirty work."

But the traitors of the Yesha Council not only condemn the Hilltop Youth for physically fighting to prevent the Sharon expulsion, the Council has promised to physically fight with the Hilltop Youth if they see any "violence" being used against Bolshevik soldiers. In other words, the Yesha Council will not use "violence" against traitor soldiers who come to expel their fellow Jews, but will use violence against the Hilltop Youth who come to protect their fellow Jews.

Refusing to obey immoral and anti-Jewish orders

After thousands of Jewish soldiers and reservists have signed petitions promising not to obey orders to expel their fellow Jews from any part of the Land of Israel, the Yesha Council announced that they oppose the campaign to get soldiers to refuse to obey orders.

Therefore, the Yesha Council believes that if soldiers are ordered to commit treason against the Jewish people, the soldiers must obey the orders.

The orange Star of David

Jews in Gush Katif started wearing an orange Star of David last week to protest Sharon's Jew-hating expulsion. The orange Star of David is intended to remind people of the yellow Star of David that Jews were forced to wear during the Nazi Holocaust. The Yesha Council condemned wearing the orange Star of David.

However, the comparison between the Sharon expulsion and the Holocaust is completely appropriate.

The openly proclaimed objective of the Arab Muslim Nazis is to perpetrate another Holocaust against the Jewish people. Indeed, like their German predecessors, the Arab Muslim Nazis publicly boast that they intend to physically exterminate all Jews. Since the Sharon expulsion from the Gaza District and northern Samaria will help the Arab Muslim Nazis achieve their genocidal goal, the wearing of Stars of David is a perfectly suitable form of protest.

Throughout all of the drama that we witnessed in Israel last week, one fact remained indisputable: if not for JTF's allies - the Hilltop Youth and the Chayil Party - there is no way that the pathetic Yesha Council would be publicly promising massive civil disobedience. All of the good things that are happening in Yesha are happening because of JTF's allies in the Jewish homeland.


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