Thursday, December 02, 2004

Zawahiri Video And Transcript

MEMRI TV has the Zawahiri video and a complete transcript. (Via LGF)

Ayman Al-Zawahiri: These days the US is playing the election game in America, Afghanistan, and Iraq. As for the US elections, the two candidates compete over placating Israel. That is, they compete over the crime against the Muslim nation that has been going on in Palestine for 87 years. This proves that there is no solution with America but to forcefully make it submit to justice. Ahmad Shawqi said: "If you counter evil with goodness you cannot defeat it, [but] when you counter evil with evil, it will be cut off." We say to the American nation: "Elect whoever you want, Bush, Kerry, or Satan himself." We don't care. We care about purifying our country from the aggressors and resisting anyone who attacks us, violates our holy places, or steals our resources.

There is a piece of advice for America that I must offer, even though I know they won't listen: You must choose one of two paths in your treatment of the Muslims. Either you treat them with dignity and [based on] mutual interests, or you treat them as fair game in war, as land to be stolen, and holy places to be desecrated. This is your problem and you must make your own choice. You must know that we are a nation of endurance and perseverance and we will remain steadfast fighting you to Judgment Day, Allah willing.

In order to be a nation graced of endurance and perseverance, we must understand a number of important facts: The first is that the fall of Baghdad is, in fact, the fall of all the regimes that gave up on Jihad and assisted the invasion of Iraq. Even those of them that did not fall publicly they have fallen a long time ago, with no noise, gun clatter, or bombardment. Those who weren't captured by the Crusading forces today are expected to become their targets tomorrow. The second fact is that Baghdad was not occupied on April 9, 2003 - it fell long before. It fell when the Khedive Tawfiq sought the help of the British to get him back to the throne in Egypt in exchange for Egypt's occupation; and when Sherif Hussein agreed with the British on a rebellion against the Country of the Caliphate [Ottoman Empire]; or when 'Abd Al-'Aziz Aal Sa'ud agreed to be under American protection… British authority and later American; and when the Arabs accepted the armistice agreement [with Israel] in 1949. Afterwards, the Arabs continued to deteriorate from one agreement to the other, until Oslo and "Road Map" of the Quartet.


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