Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How America Helped Muslim Indonesia Murder 300,000 Christians

Clutching a Christian icon, a little East Timor survivor of Islamic religious genocide arrives at an Australian refugee camp (September 1999)

Chaim Ben Pesach: How America Helped Muslim Indonesia Murder 300,000 Christians.

As America, Israel and other Western nations pour billions of dollars in aid into Muslim Nazi Indonesia in the aftermath of the tsunami, it is important that we know just what type of Islamic monsters we are so generously assisting. (See last week's JTF.ORG article, Why We Should Not Help Muslim Nazi Indonesia.)

These are the same Indonesian Muslim who perpetrated a holocaust against defenseless Christians in East Timor. The Indonesian Muslims have slaughtered over 300,000 innocent Christian men, women and children in East Timor since 1975.

An Indonesian Muslim death squad displays the head of an East Timor Christian while an Indonesian policeman congratulates the bloodstained butchers

What is even more horrific is the fact that the U.S. government fully supported the Indonesian Muslim genocide against the hopelessly outnumbered Christians.

In December 1975, President Gerald Ford and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger went to Indonesia to meet with Indonesian Muslim Nazi dictator Suharto. Previously classified U.S. government documents prove that Suharto told Ford and Kissinger at the meeting that Indonesia intended to invade and illegally annex East Timor.

The classified documents show that Ford and Kissinger gave Suharto a "green light" to invade - an invasion that led to the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Christians. The Indonesian Muslim Nazis annihilated one-third of East Timor's population. Over 90% of the weapons used by Indonesia to brutally butcher the helpless Christians were supplied by the United States.

Unfortunately, this is yet another tragic reminder of the fact that the traitors who run the U.S. government will knowingly allow Islamic holocausts to take place in order to the appease the world's Muslims. Israeli Jews, Serb Christians, Indian Hindus and other victims of Islamic Nazi genocide must learn that the U.S. government will at best do nothing when the Muslims attempt to commit a holocaust, and at worst, Washington will actually help the Muslims.

Several days after the December 1975 meeting between Ford, Kissinger and Suharto in Indonesia, the Indonesian Muslim Nazi military invaded and occupied East Timor.

The Christians never had a chance. Indonesia - a well-armed nation of over 100 million Muslims - attacked tiny East Timor, which had a population of only 900,000 mostly unarmed Christians.

Outnumbered by more than 100 to 1, and outgunned by a similar proportion, the desperate Christians begged the invading Muslims to at least have pity on the women and children.

The Muslims responded to the Christian pleas by engaging in the systematic rape of hundreds of thousands of Christian women and girls.

Muslim soldiers also raped thousands of Christian men and boys.

Following the sexual attacks, the Muslim soldiers would often brutally murder their victims by cutting their limbs off and allow them to bleed to death.

Using guns, knives, machetes, hatchets, shovels and hammers to torture and to murder, hordes of Muslims went house to house searching for Christian victims.

The Indonesian Muslims especially enjoyed watching their terrified Christian captives beg for their lives.

When the Christians realized that they were doomed, they would beg for the lives of their children. When they realized that their children were also doomed, they would beg for a quick death without torture and rape.

Their pleas usually were rejected as Muslim soldiers and civilians sadistically reveled in the Nazi-like torture, rape and carnage that the "prophet" Mohammed ordered Muslims to perpetrate against all non-Muslim "infidels."

How odd that the same "humanitarians" in the West who are so worried about helping Indonesian Muslim victims of the tsunami, were silent about helping the East Timor Christians.

Indeed, the "humanitarians" in Washington not only did nothing to help the East Timor Christians, the U.S. government actually was a partner in the genocide!

Amazingly, we see this "humanitarian" concern for Muslims, but no concern whatsoever for the victims of Muslim Nazi genocide, not only in East Timor, but in every corner of the world.

When innocent Jewish men, women and children are slaughtered by Arab Muslim terrorists in Israel, the "humanitarians" do not speak and do not act.

Only when little Israel very mildly responds to Islamic terrorism do the "humanitarians" find their voice in order to condemn the Jews for defending themselves.

When the Bosnian and Albanian Muslim Nazis massacre huge numbers of Serb Christians - as is happening right now in Kosovo - the "humanitarians" do not speak and do not act. Only when the Serb Christians tried to protect themselves in the 1990s did the "humanitarians" decide to act - by bombing the Serb Christians.

In the Sudan, Arab Muslim Nazis have exterminated over 2 million Christians. None of the "humanitarians" bothered to speak out. But when Arab Muslims in the Sudan started to slaughter black Muslims, suddenly the Sudanese genocide became an international issue, because the victims were Muslim.

In Lebanon, the Syrian army, the PLO terrorists and Lebanese Muslims have murdered 300,000 Lebanese Christians since the Lebanese civil war of the 1970s. Not a word from the "humanitarians" - who continue to arm, fund and court Syria and the PLO. But when Lebanese Christians killed 800 Muslims in retaliation in the Sabra and Shatila terrorist camps, the whole world condemned the Lebanese Christians and their Israeli allies.

Thus, America's immoral policy of appeasing and supporting our Islamic enemies in Indonesia is fully consistent with Washington's suicidal pro-Muslim policies in every other part of the world.

These pro-Muslim polices are suicidal because what the Indonesian Muslim Nazis did to Christian East Timor is precisely what Muslims everywhere would like to do to us. There are no "moderate" Muslims. One cannot be a real Muslim unless one obeys the teaching of the Koran and Hadith, which command all Muslims to wage eternal jihad (holy war) until all non-Muslims are forcibly converted or physically exterminated.


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