Thursday, January 06, 2005

Media Covers Up Muslim Stinginess


The mainstream media hides the shameful lack of Islamic aid to tsunami victims while attacking President Bush for not giving enough.

Here are the well-covered-up facts, as of January 4:

Saudi Arabia has pledged $10 million while giving $150 million to families who sent members out on suicide attacks last year. "That's like an afternoon shopping spree in Paris for a member of the Saudi royal family," noted Rush Limbaugh.

Iran -- $627,000.

United Arab Emirates - $2.6 million.

Kuwait - $2 million.

Libya - $2 million.

Turkey - $1.25 million.

Qatar - $10.

United States - $350 million from the government and far more than $200 million from private donations.

Add to this the fact that the great majority of the victims were Muslims, and you can see the how the bash-America, pro-Muslim media is distorting truth.

If it were not for nations influenced by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the tsunami survivors would be in terrible shape.


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