Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Why We Should Not Assist Muslim Nazi Indonesia

Chaim Ben Pesach: Why We Should Not Assist Muslim Nazi Indonesia.

We should not give any assistance whatsoever to Muslim Nazi Indonesia in the aftermath of the tsunami.

Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation with 240 million people.

The Bush Administration has offered U.S. assistance to Indonesia to fight Islamic terrorism - which is absurd, because Indonesia's Muslim regime engages in terrorism on a massive scale.

In October 2002, Jemaah Islamiyah - an extremely popular organization of Indonesian Muslims with close ties to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda - set off a huge explosion in the Indonesian tourist resort of Bali. The Islamic terrorist bombing murdered 202 mostly young foreign tourists and injured 209. Among the murdered victims were 88 Australians, 7 Americans and many other victims from European countries.

The news of the massacre ignited jubilant celebrations throughout Muslim Indonesia. Many thousands of supporters of Jemaah Islamiyah openly praised the "Islamic martyrs" who committed the grisly deed.

Indonesian authorities were placed in the awkward position of wanting to protect their multibillion dollar tourist industry and avoid facing Western economic and military sanctions that would cripple Indonesia's economy. However, balanced against those concerns was the fact that the Muslim slaughter of hundreds of young Christian tourists was immensely popular among the Indonesian Muslim people.

Islam's bestial face (October 7, 2003) - Islam's bestial face was in full view when Indonesian Muslim terrorist Mukhlas was sentenced to death for the October 2002 Bali nightclub bombing, which murdered 202. Most of the victims were young foreigners, including over 90 Australians and Americans. Mukhlas reacted to his death sentence with laughter as each victim's name was recited, with shouts of "Allah akbar!" ("Allah is great!") and "Victory!" gestures at his victims' relatives, who came to Indonesia to see him condemned.

As part of a delicate balancing act, the Muslim terrorist regime in Indonesia decided to arrest a small minority of Jemaah Islamiyah members and charge them with complicity in the Islamic terrorist bombing. Although some were sentenced to death, all appealed their sentences and are still regarded as heroes by the Indonesian people.

On July 23, 2004, one of the convicted Muslim bombers, Maskur Abdul Kadir, successfully appealed against his conviction and has been set free. Other convicted Muslim terrorists are also expected to be freed by Indonesia's higher "courts."

The Indonesian regime-controlled news media blamed the United States for exploding the bomb in order to "blacken the name of Islam."

Under enormous Western pressure, the Indonesian authorities decided in April 2003 to charge the leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, an Islamic imam named Abu Bakar Bashir, with treason and with ordering the bombings of Christian churches in 2000. Bashir was acquitted of treason - not surprisingly, because Indonesian courts do not require any real evidence and automatically follow what the Indonesian regime instructs them to do. But to relieve foreign pressure, to protect Indonesia's tourist industry and to prevent Western sanctions, Bashir was convicted on lesser charges and sentenced to an obscene four years in prison. As he appeals his conviction, it is doubtful that he will ever serve even a single day behind bars.

Although a handful of the thousands of Jemaah Islamiyah terrorists may yet be executed in order to protect Indonesia's economy, the enthusiastic and universal support of Indonesian Muslims for Islamic terrorist genocide could not be any clearer.

After the tsunami, Indonesia received pledges of billions of dollars in foreign aid from the United States, Japan and European nations.

Americans and other Westerners should know what type of monstrous Islamic society they are assisting before they pour more foreign aid money into Indonesia.

Indonesia's educational institutions - like those of all other Muslim nations - teach young Muslims to fanatically hate all non-Muslims.

The evil Islamic Nazi intolerance toward all non-Muslims preached in the Koran and the Hadith is diligently indoctrinated into the minds of Indonesian youth.

The Indonesian regime-controlled news media also wages a relentless propaganda war against Christians, Jews and other non-Muslim "infidels."

Last week, Indonesia's media accused America of being responsible for the tsunami, because the Untied States contributes to "global warming."

Of course, the theory of "global warming" itself is pure nonsense, and the suggestion that "global warming" of the world's climate could be responsible for a massive earthquake - the tsunami's real cause - is an outright lie on the part of the Indonesians.

But for the sake of argument, let us assume that there is "global warming" that produces huge changes in climate as a result of our use of oil, natural gas and coal.

The reason America and other Western nations still use so much oil - rather than develop alternative energy sources - is because Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Muslim nations use their enormous petrodollar wealth and influence to sabotage all efforts to make us energy independent.

Using the hundreds of billions of dollars that they have invested in American and other Western companies, the Arab oil sheiks undermine all attempts to develop cars and trucks that run without gasoline, to develop wind power that can supply most of our electricity needs, and to develop clean coal that does not pollute.

So if "global warming" caused the tsunami, Indonesia's fellow Muslims are directly responsible for it.

Indeed, Indonesia itself, as a producer of 1.5 million barrels of oil a day, is also responsible.

But Indonesia's Muslim media was simply looking for another way to bash America.

The Iranian Muslim Nazi media has a different theory on the tsunami. They claim that "Zionist Jewish scientists" caused the tsunami in order to kill large numbers of Muslims.

In a way, the Iranian Muslim Nazis are correct. A Zionist Jewish scientist - HaShem (G-d) - did cause the tsunami.

As soon as the tsunami struck, the self-hating Jews of Israel immediately offered all types of assistance to the Jew-hating Indonesian Muslims.

Israel offered to send to Indonesia a large team of Jewish experts with well-trained dogs to search for bodies in the rubble.

"We'll take the dogs, but not the Jews," the Indonesian Muslim regime replied.

Despite such vicious Nazi Jew-hatred, the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) immediately set up a Tsunami Relief Fund to send millions of Jewish dollars to the Muslims.

The other American Jewish establishment organizations have done the same, and self-hating Jews in Israel are collecting money to help their Islamic enemies.

No Jews, just dogs - Indonesia's Muslim terrorist government officially refused offers of Israeli search and rescue relief with the reply: "We'll take the dogs, but not the Jews."

However, it is not only the Jews who are crazy.

Christian organizations in America and Europe are also raising tens of millions of dollars to help Indonesian Muslims.

These are the same Indonesian Muslim Nazis who perpetrated a holocaust against defenseless Christians in East Timor. The Indonesian Muslims have slaughtered over 300,000 innocent Christian men, women and children in East Timor since 1975.

What is even more horrific is the fact that the U.S. government fully supported the Indonesian Muslim genocide against the Christian minority. Next week's JTF.ORG web site will feature the shocking story of Washington's partnership in the extermination of over 300,000 East Timor Christians.

America had better wake up before G-d in His anger allows our Muslim enemies to set off a nuclear terrorist "tsunami" in a major American city. Our sinful, immoral and evil policy of appeasing Muslim Nazis who slaughter huge numbers of Christians, Jews, Hindus and other non-Muslim "infidels" will eventually bring horrendous heavenly punishment upon this once great nation.

We urgently need to create a mass movement of millions of righteous Gentiles who will take over the Republican Party and who will take back America. This once great nation must again embrace the magnificent principles of the Founding Fathers.

If JTF's genuine right-wing Jewish allies in Israel take over her government, they will fund a JTF program on national television or radio in America with an audience of tens of millions. Then and only then we will be able to build a mass movement of righteous Gentiles to save this country.

Therefore, every generous check or money order (which can be anonymous) made out to "JTF" (which is political and not tax-exempt) or to "VJA" (which is fully tax-exempt and non-political) makes a huge difference. You can also send cash donations if you wish.

Do not depend on others to do your part! G-d only blesses those who do their own part!

May G-d bless all of our loyal supporters and their loved ones.


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