Monday, March 07, 2005

Chomsky The Baathist

Steven Plaut: Chomsky The Baathist.

Almost the entire world, certainly the entire civilized world, is in awe and in dazed euphoria at the sight of Lebanese defying the Syrian fascist regime, openly demanding liberation of their country from Syrian oppression. Many of us who never believed we would see such a movement in our lifetimes are overwhelmed with admiration for this rebellion of the masses against tyranny; and all this, in the Arab world.

Interestingly, not every person in the democratic West is overjoyed at seeing Syrian fascism at last challenged. Noam Chomksy, the MIT inventor of now-discredited theories of linguistics, is determined to defend and perpetuate Syrian colonization of Lebanon, no matter how many Lebanese lives it costs.

His reason? He insists Syrian occupation of Lebanon is necessary as a way to prevent those evil Israelis from doing horrid deeds in Lebanon, like attempting to protect their citizens from terrorist attacks launched out of Lebanon. Yes, the same academic apologist for the Khmer Rouge - who defended the Communist regime in Cambodia to the last throughout the years of the genocide it carried out - prefers to have Lebanon under Bashar Al-Assad's jackboot. Especially if it prevents the Lebanese from engaging in their notorious fondness for capitalism and entrepreneurship, which Chomsky wants wiped out and replaced with Stalinism, and if it also deters Israel from striking terrorist bases.


Chomsky is redistributing a screed on the usual moonbat web sites - those that otherwise spend their days celebrating Ward Churchill's ideas - in which he sings the song of celebrating Ba'athism. Chomsky has spent the past decade defending Syria's oppression of Lebanon, and his pro-Assad articles are being recycled these days on Indymedia web sites and by the Ba'athists themselves. (Also take a look at http://sdimc.org/en/2005/02/107735.shtml.)

Noam Chomsky is not only more anti-American than Ward Churchill, arguing that America is a far more evil country than Nazi Germany, but he is a vicious anti-Semite, as well. He not only defends Holocaust deniers and Palestinian mass murderers of Jews, but he also promotes every anti-Jewish blood libel to crawl out of its hole, including - this week - the old neo-Nazi fable concerning the Israeli mistaken firing upon the USS Liberty in the middle of the Six Day War.

The US government long ago put that story to rest, saying it was all an understandable human error in the middle of the fog of war. But the neo-Nazis and anti-Semites continue to beat the USS Liberty drum, never, of course, displaying any interest in any of those thousands of American lives lost due attacks by Islamofascists. Such people are only interested in protesting the loss of American lives when this serves to demonize Israel and "dem Joos".

Chomsky, of course, has never met an Islamofascist terrorist he did not like. He is recycling his "theories" about the criticism of Syria being all some US-Zionist-Imperialist conspiracy. (See http://quebec.indymedia.org/en/node.php?id=12362 and http://blog.zmag.org/index.php/weblog/entry/motivations_for_terror/ and http://blog.zmag.org/index.php/weblog/entry/state_terror_vs_resistance/.) It is all part of the "Take a Ba'athist to Lunch" campaign being run by the far-left, including the Cockburn crowd. (See http://counterpunch.com/landau03022005.html and http://www.counterpunch.org/barry03092004.html and especially this piece, under the title "Echoes of Cambodia", in the magazine that runs the Khmer Rouge's academic spokes-stooge as a regular columnist.)

On a personal note, I have long argued that people become leftists as a sort of gesture of infantile rage against their parents. In the case of Chomsky, the father of Noam was a fine Bible teacher, one from whom I took classes back in the 1960s. Noam seems to have devoted his life to showing contempt for everything his father held sacred and everything in which his father believed.

The Bible? You know, that same Bible that contains those Ten Commandments that the American Left is this week demanding before the Supreme Court be prohibited from public display.

After all, the Left would not want people running around in public not stealing, murdering or committing adultery. But the real clause that enrages the leftists is that part about showing respect for your father and mother.


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