Thursday, March 31, 2005

Satan Possessed Pope Given Last Rights

Vatican: Pope receives Last Rites

Pope John Paul II has received the Last Rites, the Roman Catholic sacrament reserved for the sick and dying.

A Vatican spokesman confirmed reports from the Italian media that the Pontiff, who is suffering from a very high fever caused by a urinary infection, received the sacrament earlier today after doctors inserted a tube in his throat to ease his breathing.

Doctors revealed that the Pontiff is "sick, very sick,", but he will not be hospitalised for the time being.

"For the time being there is going to be no hospitalisation at the Gemelli," said Rodolfo Proietti, the head of the Roman hospital's emergency services.
It is now time for a charismatic young Warrior Pope, with a mind unafflicted by daemonic possession, to lead a new Crusade against the Mohametan cancer.


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