Monday, June 06, 2005

Doctor Operates On Patient Upside Down

Neveh Dekalim Physician Operates Upside-Down on Patient: “This Corrupt Regime Has Turned the World Topsy-Turvy”.

“You’re right. This is a crazy thing to do. Completely crazy. But after all, it’s nothing compared to the other things that are going on around us, that are much crazier. While the Arabs around us don’t stop for a second their terror attacks, our government has freed four-hundred Arabs with proven connections to acts of terrorism in which Jews in the Land of Israel were killed. At the same time this same government is putting in jail for an indefinite period of time people loyal to their homeland. Last week Arabs who had murdered Jews were permitted to take high school diploma exams in jail, but not Jewish youths who were accused of disorderly conduct. The Attorney General decided to deprive the latter of this right.

People arrested for murder and rape are released until they are convicted, but these students are being kept in jail indefinitely.

They are the victims of a devious and corrupt regime. The world is truly topsy-turvy.

It is told in the name of R. Nahman of Breslav that once upon a time famine struck a land and only a single grain of wheat was left. They knew that anyone who ate that grain would become insane. So they decided that each would draw a letter on the other’s forehead so that at least they would remember that they used to be sane.

Why I did now in front of the cameras, 38 years after the liberation of Gaza, is truly strange. But that’s exactly my purpose. I want all the same people here and abroad to realize that Israel is going through a period of insanity, that Jews are going to be evicted from their homes, which will be destroyed, and the entire south of the country will be put in danger. Real insanity.

I stood on my head and removed a dangerous tumor. I succeeded, but the IDF, whose commanders claim to be standing on solid ground, have not succeeded in defeating the terror that threatens the lives of the people of Gush Katif”.


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