Friday, June 10, 2005

Sharon Allowing Attacks On Jews

Israel allowing attacks on Jews?.

GUSH KATIF BLOCK, Gaza – Israel's military, at the direction of the prime minister's office, has been deliberately failing to stop Palestinian militants from firing mortars and rockets into Gaza's Jewish neighborhoods so residents will want to leave when this summer's Gaza withdrawal plan is implemented, Israeli lawmakers and settlement residents and leaders told WND.

Hamas has been launching almost daily rocket and mortar attacks against the Jewish communities in Gaza slated for evacuation under Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's withdrawal plan. The terror group this week fired over 10 mortars and three Qassams at several Gaza Jewish neighborhoods, and last month perpetrated over 50 mortar and rocket attacks.


"It's obvious they are not doing a thing," said Debbie Rosen, a spokeswoman for Gush Katif, the largest block of Gaza Jewish communities slated for evacuation. "Everyone here is very upset about it."

Brig. Gen. Effie Eitam, a Knesset member who recently moved to Gush Katif, told WND: "The IDF knows who is launching the mortars, from where exactly and when. They have been instructed by the political echelon, by Sharon, to do nothing about the attacks. The goal is to make life as bad as possible so people will want to leave and not spoil the disengagement process. We see the military is indeed actually doing nothing. They are just watching the mortars and Qassams fall."

Eitam, who served in Sharon's Cabinet as housing minister until he resigned last year in protest of the Gaza evacuation, said the IDF is occasionally pressured into responding to Hamas attacks.

"This week, two people were killed by rockets. Suddenly we see an IDF anti-rocket operation," he said.

Arab Druze Knesset member Ayoob Kara, an anti-disengagement lawmaker, agreed.

"The army is acting as a political arm," Kara told WND. "The military leaders don't all want to do this, but they are still going along with the same steps politically as Mr. Sharon tells them, to pave the way for Jewish residents [of Gaza] to want to leave. ... They are not defending Gaza."


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